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No matter what anyone tells you, we all have our own unique code journeys. This is meant to encourage you and inspire you to become a better overall developer and understand how your work impacts the rest of the team. Just as every developer is unique, so is their experience. While one developer might have spent five years in an intensive position where they worked to solve hard technical challenges every day. And another might have been kicking their feet up at a local shop where their only responsibility was to update the website every week. It’s true, more often than not, that many years on the job typically bring with them a lot of experience.

  • The other thing to keep in mind is if you start calling yourself a senior at 22, what will you be at 32?
  • When the original author talked about mastering a field, he was refering to reach the top of a highly competitive field would take 10,000 hours.
  • Using their vast experience and technical prowess, they can define these project risks.
  • More often than not, the code pattern you just came up with isn’t new.
  • The recruitment managers must ensure that they hire the best-qualified candidates.
  • As a Senior Developer, I would expect another Senior Developer to become productive in something quicker than a Junior Developer. are able to get themselves in senior roles because they are able to communicate and sell themselves to people making those decisions. Most of the time, people who say these sort of things hate something because they don’t fully understand it. They understand that learning everything is impossible and they choose to spend their time on things they enjoy and things that matter most. They understand that the goal is a non zero sum game where both client and developers gain from the interaction. This book by Rob Conery and this course are probably the best resources I have found to level up your skills in this. An often overlooked aspect of learning is that you need to specialize and focus solely on one thing.

Team Skills

2-3 years of programming experience (working + personal together) is just not enough for one to have seen sufficient number of projects and have dealt with a sufficient amount of problems. You need time to let things go through your head, to reflect on your experience and to move mentally to a higher level of thinking. Junior (1 to 3 years, Level 1) is one who understands the basics of programming. They either have a degree in software engineering or computer science or they are self taught.

Senior developer

Finally, read this great article which goes through some subset skills from a purely technical standpoint. By understanding these higher level topics, you are once again able to see that most software problems and good practices are generally constant throughout different languages and time. To get started on thinking like this, mind mapping is a great tool to get familiar with. It’s a tool that can really push your learning to the next level. Follow the resources below and spend some time learning about each topic. If you are able to actively work on the skills below, you will be miles ahead of everybody else.

Leadership and Responsibility

They can talk to system architecture or component design. This person can anticipate the performance bottlenecks, but knows not to pre-optimize. This person will leverage asynchronous programming, queuing, caching, logging, security and persistence when appropriate. When asked they can give a detail explanation of their choice and the pros and cons. In most cases they have mastered object oriented programming and design, this not an absolute other languages such as Javascript, F#, Scheme are powerful and are not object oriented. They are adept in risk management and most important of all they can communicate the before mentioned to their peers.

Senior developer

Although they are teaching difficult topics, you can observe some commonalities between them that make them both great instructors. If you have 5 people on your team, 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 should equal greater than 5 because you make those around you better (I’m getting evil eyes from math purists now… I shall move on). They are willing to help others and they are willing to ask questions when they don’t know something. You can take this sort of learning anywhere in the future. I have assembled all of the commonalities and best practices for you into the path below.

Qualities of a Senior Developer

A senior developer can code in more than one language and has accumulated extensive knowledge of the software development process, including the design and implementation phases. When I hear “Senior Developer” I think of someone who has mastered programming. I think of a person who can design, code and test a system.

If you don’t want to change the industry and are still confident of making a difference as a senior developer, but feel constrained by the situation, then you probably need to make a career jump. Consider this point carefully, because even in your forties you’re still very young and the next few years could involve not just one next step, but two or three. 16 programmers on a team, each with exactly 1 year more experience than the rest. This means, the 16′th programmer has 16+ years of experience. Eight of the most experienced members are tragically killed when a bus slams into a store. Would the guy with half the experience now be considered a senior developer?

Senior Full Stack .NET Developer

I hate to bring the term ‘journeyman’ into programming, but some of it applies. The term ‘senior’ isn’t something I’d hand to anyone with less than 15 years experience, because it goes way beyond technical knowledge. I’d say under 5-7 years of practice (again working + personal together) a miracle is not to expect. One might get a lot of experience with certain languages and frameworks, but not yet jump to a new level of thinking. These days, it’s just a job title, and may or not say anything about relative industry experience.

Stack Exchange network consists of 183 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. In 2015, I taught myself how to code and got hired in 5 months. This is the step-by-step guide I created for myself (which I update every year). Over the years, 1,000s of people have used it to learn to code for free & get hired as a web developer. If you have come out of a coding bootcamp or you don’t have a computer science degree, you need to start learning about data structures, algorithms and other computer science topics. Senior developers spend time understanding the WHY of a technology.

Senior Lead Developer mit Schwerpunkt PHP und Software-Architektur (m/w/d)

Especially in the world of programming, where the technology is always changing and the amount of information available to us is overwhelming. As with all things in life, you can always set your own path. This guide is an added bonus to a series of articles for programmers looking to upgrade their skills. Never miss a job alert with the new LinkedIn app for Windows. Please help us protect Glassdoor by verifying that you’re a
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Helping direct less experienced team members

It can also lead to conflict within the team when your new 15 year 10x Senior Developer refuses to work with others. is a website created to facilitate English-speaking professionals finding suitable job offers in Germany. Nonetheless, you may be able to prepare yourself to qualify for a higher position such as tech lead, or even CTO. As CTO, you need to wear two hats – those of both the technical lead and the operational lead.